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What is Organic Food?

Learn - Wednesday 13, 2019

Organic food is also called ecological food, biological food, it emphasizes natural life and biodiversity. The organic food certification body certifies the foods production, processed, stored, transported and sold in accordance with organic standards. But there is no universal Organic standard so far . the standard you choose depends on the market and the consumer's demand for that product, which requires selecting the most appropriate organic standard for production according to the final market for organic products.

Is organic food really healthier?

Several observational studies have shown that people who eat organic food are healthier than those who eat conventional diets.  A recent French study followed 70,000 adults for five years and found that those who frequently ate organic developed 25% fewer cancers than those who never ate organic. Other observational studies have shown organic food consumption to be associated with lower risk of diabetes, metabolic syndrome, pre-eclampsia and genital birth defects.


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