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Global Sports Nutrition Market Forecasts

Learn - Tuesday 14, 2019

The Global Sports Nutrition Market size is expected to reach $44,003 million, by 2021. Sports nutrition products, such as sports drinks, supplements, and food that include protein powders, Isotonic drink powder, capsule/tablets (creatine/branched chain amino acids and others), supplement powder, ready-to-drink protein drinks, carbohydrate drinks, protein bars, carbohydrate/energy bars and other supplements. These products are developed for, and consumed by athletes and bodybuilders to improve their overall health, performance, and muscle growth. Sports drinks were conventionally used by athletes to replenish the water level in the body. Bodybuilders are the major users of sports supplements. However, these products are undergoing mass adoption by lifestyle and recreational users. The number of recreational and lifestyle users has consistently increased since the past few years. North America accounted for over 40% of the global sports nutrition market share. The Asia-Pacific region is expected to witness fastest growth during the forecast period.

Global Sports Nutrition Market Forecasts

The sports nutrition market analysis is provided for the global market. The sports nutrition market is segmented on the basis of product type, user, distribution channel, and geography. Based on product type, it is segmented into protein powder, Iso drink powder, capsule/tablets (creatine, BCAA and others), supplement powder, RTD protein drinks, Iso & other sports drinks, carbohydrate drinks, protein bars, carbohydrate/energy bars and other supplements. Iso drinks are non-carbonated beverages that contain electrolytes, amino acids, and other ingredients that replenish the water level in the body. This segment has shown a notable growth subject to the marketing tactics used by manufacturers and their focus on innovative product launches.

Sports supplements are marketed in the form of capsules, pills, and powders. Major supplement categories include weight gainers, muscle builders, performance enhancers, and meal replacement powders. Meal replacement powders are increasingly being used by women for weight loss and weight management. Increase in number of health clubs and fitness centers has created huge market potential for the growth of these products. Protein and carbohydrate bars have a higher penetration in developed markets as compared to developing regions. Soy and whey are the major protein sources used in nutritional bars. Manufacturers have launched a variety of nutritional bars in the market based on consumer preferences.

Athletes and bodybuilders are the prominent buyers of sports nutrition products. Moreover, in recent years, the adoption of these products has increased among recreational and lifestyle users owing to increased health awareness. These products are distributed through numerous retail channels such as large retail & mass merchandizers, small retail, drug & specialty stores, and various online retailers. In addition, they are distributed through fitness institutions such as gyms and health clubs.


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