Zinc Gluconate
Product Name: Zinc Gluconate
Chemical Name: Zn(C6H11O7)2
Appearance: White crystalline powder
CAS No.: 4468-02-4

Products Description:

 One significant advantage of our product is low lead and low arsenic. They are both no more than 1ppm. It is organic zinc enhancer, so it can be easily absorbed in the body, and the absorption rate is high. Besides, it also has good solubility and almost no stimulation to intestines and stomach.

2.Critical to the body in small amount;
3.Used for centuries to speed the healing of woulds both internally and externally;
4.Enhances tasted bud acuity;
5.A component of insulin;
6.Protects liver from damage; h. Helps skin discorders;
7.Critical to protein synthesis; j. Aids digestion absorption and metabolism of vitamins;
8.Improtant in collagen foration and immune system function.
9.Zinc nutrition enhancer: Used in dairy products, baby and child foods, grain products and beverages, salt.

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