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Vitamin A D soft capsule

    Other Name:Vitamin A D soft capsule

    Specification: 350mg

    Shape: Gourd

    Active Ingredients: Vitamin A and Vitamin D

    Country of Origin:China

    Shelf Life:2 Years

Product description:

Vitamin A is essential for maintaining good vision and promoting normal growth. It is necessary for the health of epithelial cells and is required for the digestion of protein. Vitamin A is essential for lactation, reproduction and the formation of steroid hormones. It is used to form the cells lining the digestive, respiratory, reproductive and urinary tracts and in all tissue linings of the body. Vitamin A is best absorbed when taken with oil or fat. It occurs in animal tissues as retinol but in plants as carotene, a precursor of vitamin A. Vitamin D works synergistically with vitamin A. It plays a role in absorbing and regulating calcium and phosphorus. This vitamin helps the body synthesize protein. It is vital to the health of the nervous system and kidneys.


1. People with low immunity.

2. Anemia crowd.
3. Pregnant women and women want to become pregnant.
4. Neurasthenic females.
5. Lack of iron, zinc and selenium and other trace elements of the crowd.


1. Supports general health.

2. Is vital for healthy skin and eyes.

3. Supports strong bones and teeth.

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Packaging Details


Storage condition: 

Keep the products at 16-24 ℃ in dry, ventilated warehouse and protect against moisture and light.
Warehouse humidity should be kept between 45% and 65%.
Keep off the ground and wall.
The goods cannot be mixed with goods which are poisonous, harmful, smelly, volatile, and corrosive.

Shelf life: 24 months under the conditions above and in its original packaging.

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