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Do you know the Function of Xylitol?

Learn - Wednesday 16, 2020

As a Sucralose Manufacturer, share with you.



Xylitol is used as a sweetener, nutritional supplement and auxiliary therapeutic agent for diabetic patients: Xylitol is an intermediate of human carbohydrate metabolism. When the lack of insulin in the body affects carbohydrate metabolism, there is no need for insulin promotion, and xylitol can also be used. Through the cell membrane, it is absorbed and utilized by the tissues to promote the synthesis of liver glycogen to provide nutrients and energy for the cells, without causing blood sugar levels to rise, and eliminating the three symptoms (polyphagia, polydipsia, and polyuria) of diabetic patients after taking it. It is the most suitable nutritional sugar substitute for diabetics.

99% Xylitol

99% Xylitol

Improve liver

Xylitol can promote the synthesis of liver glycogen, the blood sugar will not rise, and it has the effect of improving liver function and anti-fatty liver in patients with liver disease. It has obvious curative effect in the treatment of persistent hepatitis B, chronic hepatitis B and liver cirrhosis. It is a concurrent hepatitis Ideal supplementary medicine for patients with disease.


The anti-caries properties of xylitol are the best among all sweeteners. Firstly, xylitol cannot be fermented and utilized by bacteria that produce dental caries in the mouth to inhibit the growth of streptococci and acid production; secondly, when chewing xylitol , Can promote saliva secretion, more saliva can not only wash the bacteria in the mouth and teeth, but also increase the concentration of basic amino acids and ammonia in the saliva and dental caries spots, and at the same time slow down the drop in the pH value in the mouth, and the acidic substances that damage the teeth are neutralized And dilution, inhibits the adsorption of bacteria on the tooth surface, thereby reducing the acid erosion of the teeth, preventing dental caries and reducing the generation of dental plaque, and strengthening the teeth.

Lose weight

Xylitol provides energy for the human body, synthesizes glycogen, reduces the consumption of fat and protein in liver tissue, protects and repairs the liver, reduces the production of harmful ketones in the human body, and will not worry about getting fat due to eating. It can be widely used in food, medicine, light industry and other fields. Compared with ordinary white sugar, xylitol has the advantage of low calories-each gram of xylitol contains only 2.4 calories, which is 40% less than most other carbohydrates, so xylitol can be used in various applications. In a kind of diet food, as a substitute for high-calorie sugar.

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