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What is the Manifestation of a Lack of Vitamin B12?

Learn - Wednesday 12, 2021

As a Vitamin Manufacturer, share with you.

People who are deficient in vitamin B12 may have 6 manifestations in their body.

Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) 98%

Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) 98%

1. Pain or dizziness

If there is a lack of vitamin B12 in the body, then there will be pain or dizziness. The most obvious manifestation is the numbness of the hands and feet, or the feeling of needle sticking. In fact, this is all caused by nerve damage. In addition, because the oxygen content in the cells is indeed too low, it is said that standing still and dizzy often occur.

2. Pale skin

If there is a lack of vitamin B12 in the body, then the most typical feature is pale skin, because the lack of oxygen in the blood will affect the color of the skin. Of course, skin yellowing may also occur. This is mainly due to red blood cells. It becomes fragile and breaks easily.

3. Long bubble in the mouth

If there are frequent bubbles in the mouth, it is really uncomfortable to eat and drink, and it is very likely to break the blisters without knowing it. If you accidentally touch it, you will have a kind of heart-piercing. Pain. And if the mouth is often soaked, it is because of the lack of vitamin B12 in the body. Of course, there may also be a lack of vitamin C. If the situation is still not alleviated after eating a lot of fruits, you should add vitamin B12.

4. Insomnia

If there is a lack of vitamin B12 in the body, the quality of sleep will also be affected. Either you can’t fall asleep, or you can’t fall asleep after waking up in the middle of the night. After the sleep quality is greatly discounted, the whole person’s mental state will become particularly poor. .

5. Numbness in hands and feet:

If you are lack of vitamin B12, you often feel numbness in your hands and feet. In our lives, we often hear women in their 50s say that their hands and feet often numb, but we don't know what causes it.

6, cause anemia

In fact, if the vitamin B12 in the body is too short, it may also lead to anemia. As long as enough vitamin B12 is supplemented, the hematopoietic function will be strengthened.

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