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Do you know the Role of Sialic Acid?

Learn - Saturday 06, 2020

Sialic acid is a derivative of 9-carbon monosaccharide. The name comes from Greek. This is a negatively charged ion that makes the saliva feel smooth. Not only does it have the effect of "inducing" invading bacteria, but it is also currently recognized as a ganglioside transmitter and a component of the brain. Sialic acid can prevent the invasion of germs. Sialic acid is also a receptor for influenza virus, which is the binding site of the influenza virus in mucus cells.

Accobio Sialic Acid

Accobio Sialic Acid

The scientific name is "N-acetylneuraminic acid", which is a naturally occurring carbohydrate. It was originally isolated from submandibular gland mucin, hence the name. Sialic acid is usually present in the form of oligosaccharides, glycolipids, or glycoproteins. In the human body, the brain has the highest sialic acid content. The content of sialic acid in brain gray matter is 15 times that of liver, lung and other internal organs. The main food source of sialic acid is breast milk, which is also found in milk, eggs and cheese.

In medicine, glycolipids containing sialic acid are called gangliosides, which play a very important role in the production and development of the brain and nervous system. At the same time, animal experiments have shown that the reduction of ganglioside levels is related to early malnutrition and reduced learning ability, and the addition of sialic acid can improve the learning behavior of animals. Adequate sialic acid supply may be particularly important for the normal development of brain function in low birth weight children. After babies are born, sialic acid in breast milk is essential to ensure their normal development. The survey showed that the level of sialic acid in the mother's body became a downward trend over time after delivery.

Studies have shown that the golden period of human brain development is from pregnancy to 2 years of age. This stage is a critical period for the adjustment of brain cells, increase in volume, perfect function, and formation of neural networks. Therefore, smart mothers will naturally pay attention to the intake of sufficient Sialic Acid Powder during pregnancy. After the baby is born, breast milk is an effective way to add sialic acid to the baby, because each milliliter of breast milk contains about 0.3-1.5 mg of sialic acid. In fact, all mammals, including humans, can synthesize sialic acid from the liver on their own. However, the liver development of newborns is immature, and the need for rapid growth and development of the brain, may have limited sialic acid synthesis, especially for premature babies. Therefore, sialic acid in breast milk is essential to ensure the normal growth and development of infants.

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